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About Wild Rest

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"In 2009 God set the lives of Norman & Sarah Day on a very singular trajectory away from the familiarity of their previous careers and ministries onto a journey of faith into wild lands where they learnt to rely upon a generous Father in an ever increasing measure. A journey of their hearts towards the life that God intended, a journey that became known as Wild Rest and to which they now invite others."

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Sarah's journey.

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How to join the journey?

For those looking for encouragement on their own 'wild rest' journeys with our wonderful God, we have several access points through which we welcome you to participate.


Wild Rest is primarily a growing family across Europe through which we endeavour to establish and facilitate heart relationships.  Wild Rest is therefore foremost an expression of all those hearts. It is our passion to awaken the dreams God has placed in the hearts of his children.  

Journeys to fully possess our God given identities that lead to a pure outflow of ministry and expression to the world.

Wild Rest Refuge


We hope to establish a permanent Wild Rest Refuge,  an abiding place of excellence, where people can come in person to spend times "re-wilding" their hearts with Jesus, going on journeys with the Father and having powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit. At this stage we remain uncertain as to where this place is and the timing of when God wants to release this to us, and yet, He asks us to stand firm in faith for the vision.

Central to everything we do is facilitating encounters with God and those living in the community or visiting will enjoy a daily rhythm of intimacy with God in the beautiful ‘House of Encounter’, much like David's Tabernacle of Exodus 25. Our prophetic history with God leads us to have faith that this House of Encounter will be a place of unusual manifestation of heaven on earth. 

Please see Events for some of our online gatherings where we invite our  European community to soak in the goodness of God. Wild Rest also facilitates communities of people who are going after the Kingdom of God in the market place.

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