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In the silence of night the greatest Light came

Darkness was no more

Light made light and it was good

Light came and shone

The light that ever shines

The light that will again come and illuminate all

In renewed eternal undimmed glory

And it is good.

The Star of our hearts that shone

That shines

The promise shining brightly without diminishing

Awakening the word of promise

In Himself our Promise and our Word

By who it was spoken, written and finished.

It is finished.

In the silent night the greatest sound was brought forth

The vibration of heaven come to earth

The release of the greater song

The song of the redeemed

All creation beats to

May we hear and join that song

May we move to His beat

The new vibration.

The Glorious One

The Song and Singer of all.

Redemptions Master and Sound.

Singing over us.

In the silence of that night

The Author produced the greatest story.

Our story

He changed the narrative

He turned the page

His glorious plot thickened with wonder

With excellence, with an eternal twist

He made space for us in His pages

Written now into a new narrative

Caught up in His story.

Silently so silently this Wondrous gift was given.

Light birthed brightly

The sound changed

The story turned

This is Christmas

This is the Gift we live breathe and have our being in.

Though that night was silent, let us not be.

May the world come to His light

Hear His song

Be part of His story.

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