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Find your rhythm

So we are firmly over the threshold of 20/21 and thinking about a year ahead, it feels blank, empty, yet its also full somehow. One thing i learnt last year was that when everything becomes unpredictable, even out of rhythm; creation and nature holds firm, every day the sun still rises and sets, seasons still come and pass, the birds still sing their morning chorus, each day has its own rhythms, there is a predictability and a melodic rhythm that flows from all of nature. 2020, perhaps even now 2021 too caused me to lose a lot of rhythm to my own story, to my own life. Rhythm is about predictability, 2020 was not, it was a storm of unpredictability. And so as my feet stand in 2021, no matter the swirl that surrounds, I want to rediscover and recover, even find new rhythms of life, of our journey, new rhythms in and as a family, new footings for the adventure, I want to recover, and or rediscover the flow and melody we will exist, and move forward in.

There will always be the unpredictable in life, but I believe we can cultivate the peace of rhythm, even in storms. We can stand firm and embrace a confidence in the, our, story. The rhythms we choose to allow ourselves to be moved by, motivate us, and lead us forward, help us own our narrative and world around us. Rhythm is essential.

We are a people of rhythm, we need and yet we also detest the unpredictable, but it can be both good and testing. We can't control nor have we learnt to fully predict the story, our years, journeys, but we can be who we are. We are a people of promise, a people of praise. That has a rhythm, that has a melody, its that, our identity and the rhythm of it that will ever propell us forward. So I'm exploring, what are the new rhythms for this year that will move us forward, that both tenderly, forcefully and yet intentionally lead us in forward motion.

We have even in the midst of the unpredictable the ability to possess what we know, the rhythm of our being, our identity and promise, we have the power to embrace rhythm that leads us on, to connect deeply and intentionally making our grace and love towards others be a beat that we move to.

Live to love and in the breath of it receive the love that's yours, for you are worthy. To believe and receive is a forward motion rhythm of life. I think we are learning that we are, wherever we feel we are at on the journey, a people held by love. Love is our rhythm. It is our being and giving, our identity and purpose, and that is what can remain, come what may.

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