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From Isolation to Community

As we have reflected broadly over 2020 our thoughts have been cast in a thousand reflections, but one that stands firmly in our hearts is that the pronouncement over people for isolation, will be turned around in 2021. Our confidence is ever in this, that we were made to belong, we were made for connection and that life is best shared. Whatever 2020 has thrown at us we have probably all in someways felt the vulnerability of a year of unsettling and the ache and loss of isolation, however it has manifested to us. We also see that our bonds are not weakened, albeit refined, they are strong. We know, without doubt we were made to feel, to live in a continual experience of the opposite (to isolation). We are fashioned and formed with a need to belong, in us is a deep longing to connect and to commune with others. It is the very essence of Love from which we have our being.

However sophisticated we become we can never replace the power of physical fellowship, the sharing of space and time, our story, to encounter and be encountered by others is the gift and wealth of life.

However one has ridden out this storm, this year has thrown much at all of us, none of us has been able to detach from the global circumstances but to some extent each of us has had to disconnect from the very thing that we all need, the salve in every season, being each other. As 2021 swirls in amongst continued chaos, a new decree rings ever truer.

We belong.

We belong and we are strong, we were made for communion. We are made to share life, physically with others. The very things that we dream of was utterly thwarted this year, declarations of isolation and separation made ruin of what we believed was a season to build, yet we have not lost hope, we have not adjusted our dream or expectation to make sense of circumstances, we have not changed the script. We are still sure, entirely convicted and confident that we shall see beauty arise from the ashes and a space, place and people will take form, possessing the koinonia, communion, the belonging we are called to express and invite.

Fellowship is not optional, it is our devotion; our very expression of life, of love, the new fashion it takes is starting to flow, emerging from refinement, pure and glorious, attractive and powerful. We were made for communion, to live gloriously together.

2020 has not mocked or ruined but refined and prepared us with conviction to run the race, to give our all, our yes and to love well, to stand firm and see the Goodness of our God dispel every lesser thing. Let every heart prepare Him room, He is not absent, He is and is to come.

Sarah & Norman

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