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There is an ever extended invite to return to the heart of what it is to belong to God, to apprehend this sacred gift of communion. It is with friendship with God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We are returning, We are invited, often to advance we have to return, return to our original design, return to possess what we were made for. As we stand present in these lands we can advance and take the new. This is a kairos time to go deeper into intimacy individually and as a people, together, for our communion with God overflows, impacts and transforms, takes affect in how we commune with others. This is the nature of love. As a church we are growing in glory, the glory of the resurrected king. As sons of God we are invited into this glory, We become like the one that has our most attention, and so as a people we are invited to turn our attention to Him, our true act of worship.

We are called to communion; a shared experience, intimacy of thoughts, feeling, a posture of harmony and to posture our lives in friendship, intimacy, communion with God. Where the things of the world grow strangely dim as we behold the realities of His. To be ones who keep oil in our lamps, ready for the coming wedding feast; we receive our oil in intimacy, there is a lifestyle of communion we can posture and adjust to, here our lives become of power, as the power of love, transforms and sanctifies us, as love compels us. We are in a time of returning, returning to the heart of devotion and worship, a friendship, intact and communion with God, where our attention is fixed on the one who is worthy, and our fellowship with him permeates everything. This is our truest offering and act of worship. Laid down in love. Communion is the experience we were made for.

This is the invitation.

We were made to continually fall into grace, to be consumed by the experience of love. Jesus gave this invitation over and over, in the Gospel of John we read His invite into life union with Him, with the Triune God, He is making space for us, He is inviting us into a life not simply of knowing, but experiencing the depth of union, He too shares with the Father, He is preparing our hearts to receive His Spirit, to be a constant companion, to dwell with us, to bring us close, to abide with us, and manifest within us. We are invited into the home life of the Triune God, who shares perfect communion, they make space for us to partake in this with them. (refer to John 14: 15- 21, John 15: 1-15)

This divine invitation to live in union and communion with our triune God, is the place all fruitfulness, all power, all authority, truth, peace and life flows. It is in communion we do not simply survive but thrive, here we are satisfied. There is a friendship, intimacy and union, connection with God that comes as we recognise our primary call is to belong in and to Him. Here all isolation, loneliness, all hopelessness, trauma, all pain, every shame and unworthiness is conquered because here we are worthy, here we belong and our every human longing is met.

When I consider these words I am reminded that there is a great commandment and it is centred not on what we can do, but where and how we choose to belong. To love him, with all we are, and have, to love others, to love ourselves.

We recognise our worthiness as we give our selves to love, to Him who marks us with worthiness, and completes our deepest heart needs. God with us, is deeply real, He is intimate. His invitation is for connection, communing, sharing. He desires unity with us, intimately. The person of God, the fellowship with His heart, truth, and thoughts, His very real and close presence.

The pursuit of character and virtue, the possession of vision and mission will only get us so far, it is as we posture our whole selves in communion, yield, dwell, abide in Him, and bring ourselves into union and harmony with His heart, thoughts and feelings towards us and our ‘world’.

Communion is our home life with a triune God, a good and generous Father to whom we have belonging, a friendship with One who chose us, redeemed, rescued, restored and enjoys us, and our Holy Spirit who comforts and is a companion and strength and surrounding of us. Very true, real and present is our God. He is absolutely for us. Making space for all we are in Him, inviting our hearts, our burdens and needs, inviting us into Him to rest, commune and belong. To receive and gain strength to be fruitful in love. To choose communion is not inactive, it is by its very nature active, He is our wild resting place, we give ourselves to Him, to know, experience His heart, our action is surrender, our action is is true, our action is making ourselves vulnerable to all He is, allowing Him to enfold all we are. Our action is to agree with His heart, to agree with His affection and truth, our action is to unite ourselves with Him, becoming, sharing, bringing all we are into harmony with His very being. To consecrate ourselves to all of Him. He is our place of ease in every circumstance, He is the closeness we crave, He is Life, life in fullness, He is our place of Hope, our place of believing, and perfect peace. This is what we were made for. To commune with no distractions, to be present where we belong, the place we were created for, the place of no striving. Love. This is our normal.

He is closer than we know, think, wrapping around us. This is home. Oneness with our God. In communion we experience and live in the reality of enjoying, tasting and seeing His goodness, For in Him we are aware of His nature and ways, we experience Him, and are sustained and fed by him, nourished and empowered. We come alive.

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