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The Ache for the Eternal

I am familiar with the changing and evolving seasons of life's 'adventurings', these continuing narratives stretching on. And through it all I am coming to find, perhaps these times are far less about transition and are in fact the very fabric and narrative of life we are awake to, or waking up to. Perhaps, it is in fact our basic condition whilst on earth, the waiting, growing into, becoming and aching for, not the things of this world, or the temporal satisfactions, but our life long navigation towards the hope of a glorious, promised and true transformation of all things. For we are sure, against all our futile grappling we actually cannot be satisfied within our weary accomplishments and striving. For within each one of us is planted the seed of the eternal and an infinitely superior, vaster, more perfect and wonderful Kingdom, an invitation for life and life abundant. The longing and reality is set within us and it groans as we journey through life, as we ache for its full manifestation. Its both our wonder and our travailing. Perhaps, we are not transitioning from old seasons to new, but perhaps we are in fact coming more awake to our true nature as sons of God, and less content in this world's ways. For these aches, and journeys are in fact a gift to us, reminding us that this is not our paradise, but there is one before us. And that is our joy, that is our pilgrimage, this is the wonder we live in, and within.  

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